GET Smart Education

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Expert tuition for Maths, English and 11+

About Us

GET Smart is a high-quality tuition service dedicated to meeting the academic needs of all children. We focus on helping them develop their learning in a range of subjects including Maths, English and 11+.

GET Smart has been created by a group of educational professionals who share a passion for teaching and learning. We blend traditional teaching with an innovative use of technology, to provide an education service that allows every learner to discover, understand, explore, and master the skills needed to be successful at school.

Our personalised programmes are delivered by dedicated and enthusiastic tutors who employ up-to-date and effective methods to unlock every child’s full potential.

Our mission is to

  • help every child get smart!

  • support children that are struggling to feel comfortable and confident about succeeding

  • help high achievers to reach their full potential

  • teach consistently and devise the most appropriate route for your child to succeed

  • use technology intelligently to extend learning beyond the classroom and best meet the of the digital generation.

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