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Spatial Awareness

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Paper 2: Reasoning

Practical tips and tricks for all styles of questions,

helping your child answer them successfully!

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11 Plus

Maths & English 

Paper 1:  English and Maths

Targeted tuition

All aspects covered 

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Verbal & Non-Verbal


Paper 2: Reasoning

Get familiar with the test format

Feel comfortable on test day

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Education that builds confidence

In-person and online teacher led tuition: intelligently blended with award winning eLearning

Are you looking to further your child’s education at a grammar school? They will need to get a high score on the 11 Plus test. GET Smart Education specialises in 11 Plus tuition. We cover all aspects of the test:  Maths & English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial skills. Our classes are designed to develop exam technique and time management skills. We will help your child feel calm and confident when it is time to sit the test.

11 Plus Exam Focused Tuition

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